You may believe temporary work offers short-term perks. But, a temp job can ultimately lead to a fulfilling career.

There are several things you can do to transform a contract job into a career at the business of your choice. These include:

1. Do Your Best

Approach temporary work in the same way you would a permanent job. Because, if you work hard, you can show your employer you’re worthy of a permanent role.

Typically, it helps to accept work requests that come your way. Those who arrive early and stay late at work are well-equipped to thrive in temporary roles. And these individuals can position themselves to earn permanent jobs as well.

2. Continue to Learn

Embrace opportunities to bolster your skillset. For example, if your employer offers a training program, sign up for it. From here, you can use the program to advance your skillset. You can also show your employer you want to learn as much as possible so that you can succeed in your temp role.

Furthermore, capitalize on in-person and virtual workshops and training programs. Each new skill you learn helps you bolster your skillset. In the long run, your comprehensive skill set can help you land a permanent job.

3. Perform Temporary Work As a Team Player

Show you are willing to do everything in your power to help your team. As part of your efforts, contribute to team projects whenever possible. Share your ideas and feedback during team brainstorming sessions. Also, submit your materials for team projects on schedule as well. This ensures team members can rely on you.

Engage in company-wide events and activities, too. For instance, you can sign up for volunteer opportunities at work. These opportunities help you foster relationships with your colleagues. They help you show your employer you want a permanent role as well.

4. Request Feedback

Ask your manager to provide feedback regarding your work performance. If possible, set up regular performance evaluation meetings with your manager. Next, you can use these meetings to identify your work strengths and weaknesses.

Seek out ways to constantly improve at work. Utilize your manager’s feedback and incorporate it into your everyday work activities. If you do what’s necessary to continuously get better at your job, you may be able to secure a permanent role down the line.

Transform Temporary Work into a Career

There is a lot to like about accepting a temporary job. You may even find many opportunities to transform temporary work into a career.

As you consider work opportunities, don’t shy away from temp jobs. If you have the right approach, you can work toward making a temp role a permanent one and grow your career.

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