A job interview represents a great opportunity to show you deserve an employment offer. Of course, how you approach the time after your interview can have far-flung effects on your candidacy.

It pays to follow up with a prospective employer after an interview, regardless of how the meeting went or the role you discussed. Here are tips to help you follow up after an interview and boost your chances of landing your dream job.

1. Send a Brief Follow-Up Email

Write a brief email message to your interviewer. The message should only be a few sentences. And it can highlight your gratitude for the opportunity to interview for a vacancy. It can also showcase your continued interest in a position.

Review a follow-up interview email before you send it and correct any grammatical or spelling errors. Furthermore, send the email within 24 hours of your interview.

2. Engage with Your Interviewer on LinkedIn

Within a few days of your job interview, reach out to your interviewer via LinkedIn. This allows you to connect with your interviewer and foster a professional relationship with him or her. Plus, it helps you grow your professional network.

In addition, you can share LinkedIn news articles and other updates with your interviewer. Consider your interviewer and find news articles and updates that align with their role.

3. Make a Follow-Up Call

Reach out via phone call if you do not hear back from your interviewer within seven to 10 days. At this time, use the call to get an update on your candidacy.

You can continue to reach out to your interviewer via email as well. Resist the urge to make any assumptions if your interviewer does not get back to you right away about your candidacy. Instead, remain persistent and continue to follow up with your interviewer until you are updated about the role.

Are There Times When You Should Not Follow Up After a Job Interview?

A job interview follow-up is a must. The follow-up lets your interviewer know you want to join their business and are excited about an opportunity to do so. Thus, you should make the most of any follow-up email or phone call.

If your interviewer ignores your follow-up queries, try not to panic. Conversely, continue to seek out opportunities for your ideal role. And eventually, you can land a job that meets your requirements.

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