You want your resume to hit the mark with potential employers. Yet, you may be prone to resume mistakes. This is especially true if you are unsure about what to remove from your resume.

For instance, consider what can happen if you try to do too much with your resume. At this time, you risk overloading companies with irrelevant information. As a result, you can hurt your chances of landing your dream job.

Ultimately, it pays to evaluate and update your resume regularly. Furthermore, there are several things you should take off of your resume right away. These include:

1. Hobbies and Interests

You have lots of hobbies and interests. However, you need to consider how they relate to the job you want to secure. That way, you can include hobbies and interests on your resume that garner a prospective employer’s attention.

When in doubt, keep hobbies and interests off your resume. Rather, ensure your resume has sufficient information about what you have to offer. This boosts the likelihood that you can show an employer why you’re the right candidate.

2. Your Headshot

It may seem like a good idea to include a professional headshot on your resume. Conversely, doing so can lead to an unconscious bias against you. Thus, it is generally a good idea to keep your headshot off your resume.

Comparatively, you can incorporate a headshot into your LinkedIn profile. This helps you show potential employers that you’re active on LinkedIn. And it may help you stand out to professional recruiters.

3. Jobs You Held More Than 10 Years Ago

When it comes to highlighting your experience, you need to look at your most recent work. As such, you should shy away from including jobs you held more than 10 years ago on your resume.

Of course, if you’ve been in your current role for more than 10 years, you should include it on your resume. Moreover, if you held a role more than 10 years ago that relates to a job you want to land now, you can include information about it on your resume.

The Bottom Line on Things to Remove from Your Resume

You may search far and wide for things to remove from your resume. Regardless, you should always strive to provide a resume that is clear and concise.

With an easy-to-read resume, a potential employer can gain insights into your skills and experience. Plus, the employer can see if your qualifications align with those associated with a role. From here, the employer can determine if now’s the right time to pursue your candidacy.

As you craft your resume, continue to explore ways to fine-tune it. Remember, there is room for improvement with every resume. If you strive to make your resume stand out to employers, you are well-equipped to achieve your desired result.

Lastly, if you want expert help with determining what to remove from your resume, partner with HCR. Our recruiters can review your resume and offer tips to help you improve it. We can also put you in touch with top employers in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario. To learn more, please contact us today.

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