You may find your job makes you feel extremely tired and worn out. In addition, you may reach a point where you dread going to work. In these instances, your workplace may be toxic. And if you keep working here, your health and wellbeing may continue to suffer.

How Can You Tell If Your Workplace Is Toxic?

There are many signs that your workplace is toxic. These can include:

1. No One Values Your Input If Your Workplace Is Toxic.

You can speak up in meetings and share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback with peers and superiors. Regardless, if you work in a toxic environment, no one will value your input. Your peers and superiors may ignore what you have to say altogether. This can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

2. There Are Constant Rumours at Work.

Rumours reign supreme in a toxic work environment. They can spread quickly and lead to employee cliques. Over time, rumours can make it tough to focus on what’s most important: doing great work every day.

3. Bullies Dominate the Workplace.

There is no excuse for bullying in any environment. Yet, bullies can intimidate other employees in a toxic workplace. They can make their peers feel unwanted or ashamed of themselves. This can cause bullying victims to experience emotional trauma.

4. Enforcement of Workplace Policies Is Inconsistent.

Workplace policies are in place to protect the rights of all employees. However, if your workplace is toxic, some employees may be able to skirt the rules. Workplace policies won’t necessarily apply to these employees. This creates a work environment where certain employees may feel less valued over others.

5. There Is a Lack of Communication.

The best companies keep the lines of communication open with workers. Conversely, businesses that inadvertently develop and maintain a toxic work environment do not value communication the same way. Employees at these companies may struggle to communicate and collaborate with one another. This may be due in part to a lack of communication platforms that promote transparency.

6. Employees Struggle to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance.

In a toxic work environment, employees may work long hours. They may even be forced to take time away from their personal lives to complete work tasks. This can result in an unhealthy work-life balance.

7. There Is Low Morale at Work.

It is virtually impossible for employees to feel their best in a toxic workplace. As a result, the workplace is not conducive to employee success. And it may cause a company to miss out on opportunities to grow and thrive.

8. There Is a High Level of Burnout.

Employees are prone to burnout in toxic work environments. They may feel physically and mentally exhausted due to job burnout. If left unaddressed, burnout symptoms can have long-lasting effects on the health and well-being of these workers.

If Your Workplace Is Toxic, Now’s the Time to Find a New Job

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