The government calls it “interprovincial migration.” Each year, more than 250,000 Canadians move between provinces to find new homes, jobs, and lives somewhere else. In the past five years, more than 5.2 million Canadians ended up relocating either within or outside their home province. Some move to be closer to their families. Others, to buy a home or reduce their housing costs. There are all kinds of reasons to relocate but there is one similarity in the process: It’s hard. Even if your move is just up the block, relocating can be stressful. Finding a new job can be overwhelming, particularly when the rest of your life also feels uprooted and insecure. But there is one resource that is readily available that can help you begin to get your feet under you even after a traumatic move. Temp agencies in Ontario are a smart resource that can help you find a job right away. Ontario temporary agencies can give you the stability you need from a steady income while you learn the ropes of your new location and new life. Here’s why you should turn to temp agencies in Ontario to help your next relocation go more smoothly.

Temporary Jobs Can Help You Expand Your Network

If you’re considering a move, temp agencies in Ontario are an untapped resource that can help in so many unexpected ways. Moving is exciting and scary at the same time. You don’t have a network of resources in place and that can create many challenges for everything from childcare to finding the best places to shop. Temp agencies in Ontario can help you establish the all important network of employer contacts that can lead to a better job and more stability in your new location. A new job means you meet new people who can share their experiences in your new neighborhood.

If you’re new to the area, the last thing you should do is limit yourself to traditional employment. You may find out too late that the job you took isn’t a good fit. Today, temp agencies in Ontario specialize in flexible work arrangements that can help you try out an employer before committing to a full-time role. These temporary arrangements can even be part-time to allow you to set up the rest of your life while still working. Some of the benefits of working with temp agencies in Ontario include:

  • Exposure to new people, new cultures, and new jobs. If you really want to explore a region, consider temping in a series of shorter-term engagements. These arrangements can help you expand your professional network of people you know in the area as you’re building a life there. The word-of-mouth information you’ll pick up will help you understand more about the geography of the place as much as the work experience will help you figure out if that employer is right for you.
  • We can’t say enough about the networking possibilities if you work with temp agencies in Ontario after you’ve moved. Not only will the staffing firm offer you critical connections to top employers, you’ll meet a lot of new people while on the job. Each of these networking connections may lead you to something important in your life. Whether it’s making new friends or leading you to your dream job, temp agencies in Ontario help you build networking connections that pay off both in the short- and long-term.
  • It can take a month or longer to find a job these days. But temp agencies in Ontario can put you to work much faster. Moving almost always sets back your budget—it’s expensive to relocate. You need money to come in as quickly as possible to get your budget back on track. Picking up a temporary job is exactly the financial leg up you may need to fill resume gaps but also financial holes left from the move. You can also let your Ontario temp agency contact know that you are ultimately seeking full-time employment, if that is your goal. As you establish yourself as a strong, reliable, skilled worker, the connections you’re forging with temp agencies in Ontario will help you find a full-time job faster and with less risk than conducting a search on your own.

If you’re just starting out in a new town, working with an Ontario temp agency is the best approach to expand your network while earning revenue. These are just two reasons that show why these flexible work arrangements make sense. However, there’s another benefit that is perhaps even more important. We’ll talk about that next, so pay attention.

Explore Your Options with Temp Jobs

You’re in a new place and feeling uncertain about so many things. Some of this uncertainty stems from how difficult it is to learn about potential employers through a website or social media. You know that no one likes a job jumper, so if you’re trying to choose a full-time employer and you get it wrong, that may leave you with a short-term stint on your resume that simply looks unreliable. It’s nerve-racking to try to figure out which employer is right for you, your goals, your family, and the new life you’re trying to build. How can you ensure that you won’t make a critical mistake about the employer you choose?

The answer is simple, really. With a temporary agency, you can explore different types of jobs until you find your ideal match. For example, a light industrial employment agency (also known as general labour staffing companies) could put you to work in a temporary job that requires less on-the-job experience. You can get to work fast for these firms while you’re trying to figure out what’s next for your long-term career.

General labour staffing companies are particularly important if you are just trying to explore your options in the local job market. A light industrial employment agency is the perfect resource to help you meet these goals.

Temporary Work Can Help You Build Skills

A light industrial employment agency can help you build your skills. The experience of the job itself will also broaden your professional career. General labour staffing jobs are known for their ability to rapidly increase your exposure to new skills that can translate well to your next job.

These on-the-job experiences that you’ll gain in a short-term job are invaluable for building your CV. The skills you’ll build with help from a light industrial employment agency will only increase your marketability for future roles. This is especially valuable if you’re switching careers or if you’re a new college graduate. General labour staffing agencies in Ontario can place you in great positions that build your brand for employers. Each one of these experiences can help build your resume while teaching you what you need to know about the field you’re in. There is also this added bonus: If you love the work you’re doing, you might have the option to stay there permanently.

Contract-to-Hire: Transition a Temporary Job into a Permanent Role

A contract-to-hire position, unlike a direct hire permanent role, allows you to try out the job before taking it on full-time. Ideally, temp jobs do not have to stay temporary. In fact, the skills acquired in a temporary role can help provide a smooth transition into a permanent role.

Direct hire jobs seek out permanent employees to add to a company’s payroll. These jobs are great but if you’ve relocated, there is an element of exploration that’s missing from these jobs. That means you take on as much of the risk as the employer that the job will work out. But what if it doesn’t? That puts you back out on the street with a short-term job on your resume. The answer that solves this conundrum is the contract-to-hire job. These jobs have the same elements of temp work in that they are for a short-term duration but there is an added clause that allows you and the employer to transition the role to a direct hire. This is a great opportunity for both you and the employer to make things more permanent—but only if you want to. You may find that the contract-to-hire position simply isn’t a fit. Some workers say they “dodged a bullet,” meaning, had they taken the job as a direct hire, it would not have been a fit. It’s really a more humane option to pursue contract-to-hire roles because everyone wins in the end.

Interested in Learning More about Temporary Work?

Now that you understand the benefits of working with an Ontario temp hiring agency, we’d like to introduce you to HCR. We have an excellent track record of placing job candidates into temporary, contract-to-hire, and direct hire general labour jobs in the light industrial and manufacturing job sector. Some of the current types of jobs available to you right now include:

  • General labour jobs
  • Assemblers
  • Packagers
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Welders

If you’re newly relocated, looking for a career change, or seeking valuable job experience, we’d like to encourage you to browse our open jobs or contact us directly. We can help your next life (and job) transition go much more smoothly. Call on us today.

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