You have worked a desk job but want a new career. At this point, there’s no need to wait any longer to consider job opportunities. In fact, there are many in-demand jobs in the light industrial sector you should consider.

3 In-Demand Jobs You Need to Know About

1. Warehouse Worker

Manufacturers hire warehouse workers to pick up orders, manage inventory, and perform similar tasks. They are in high demand at companies around the world that are rebounding from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is reflected in recent data.

In a study released this year, researchers found that 58% of light industrial companies saw an increase in fulfillment volume over the past 12 months. Moreover, 75% said they did not feel fully prepared to fulfill orders in 2022. Also, 60% noted they struggled to keep pace with increased demand for their products last year.

Businesses look poised to hire more warehouse workers in the months and years to come. These companies may offer great starting salaries and on-the-job training to attract warehouse talent. Plus, they are more prone than ever to provide excellent benefits to retain warehouse personnel.

2. Forklift Operator

There has been a steady demand for forklift operators over the past few years. In a forklift driver job, an individual moves goods around warehouses and other industrial job sites. Of course, a forklift operator must perform their work with safety top of mind. That way, this operator can use a forklift without putting others in danger.

To become a forklift operator, you’ll need to complete a certification training course. Thankfully, the course generally won’t take long to complete. Many companies are offering certification training as part of their efforts to fill forklift operator jobs, too.

3. Welder

Automakers, manufacturers, and other industrial businesses need welders. With welders at their disposal, these companies can create a variety of equipment and machines.

A welder job is a terrific option for anyone who wants to work with their hands on a day-to-day basis. As a welder, you’ll spend lots of time applying heat to join metal components together. You’ll also review blueprints and drawings and offer insights on how to complete welding projects on schedule and on budget.

If you’re interested in becoming a welder, you should train accordingly. Sometimes, companies offer apprenticeship or training programs that allow you to build your welding skill set. As you gain experience as a welder, you may find your skillset is in demand for many years to come.

Get Started on Pursuing In-Demand Jobs in the Light Industrial Sector

If you want to pursue an in-demand job, don’t wait to get started. Kick-off your job search today. From here, you can move one step closer to leaving your desk role and finding an in-demand job that suits you perfectly.

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