Temporary employees work for a set period of time – days, weeks, or months – until their contract is up, and then they move on. But that’s not the only kind of temporary work out there. Temp-to-permanent roles are another option. They’re just what they sound like: You work on a temporary basis for a set period, and then have the option of being hired permanently by the company if all parties agree upon it.  

Temp-to-perm arrangements are a great way to get ahead in your career. You get your foot in the door with an employer while gaining experience, with the possibility of a full-time job on the horizon. So, how can you ensure you maximize the likelihood of being hired permanently after your temporary period is up? 

Do great work.

The first way to make it likely you’ll be hired permanently is simple: Do great work. If you make yourself indispensable to the company, they won’t want to lose you. From the employer’s perspective, the reason for a temp-to-perm arrangement is to evaluate you on your skills, work ethic, and cultural fit during your probationary period. Make sure the employer likes what they see – do great things and they’ll have every reason to bring you on full-time, and no reasons to decline the contract.  

Be a great culture fit.

Note that part of what an employer is evaluating you for during your temporary period is cultural fit. It’s great to be skilled at your craft and a productive team member. But if you don’t gel with the people around you, you might not be a top pick for a permanent arrangement. Strive to fit in with the team; embrace the company culture; try to live the company values through your contributions. Above all, be a great person to work with – be friendly and helpful, and it will make a lasting impression. 

Make your intentions clear.

Although the ideal outcome of a temp-to-perm arrangement is the temporary employee being hired full-time once the contract is up, not every temp-to-perm employee approaches it that way. If you act as though this job is only for the short-term, or you’re only in it for the money, the employer doesn’t have a great reason to keep you around. Make it clear that you’re in this for the long haul and that your goal is to be brought on full-time at the end of your contract period. That goes a long way toward putting you at the top of the pile for permanent hires.  

Interested in Temp-to-Perm Roles? 

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