A toxic job can manifest itself in many ways. Microaggressions, ostracism, a boss who ignores you… the list goes on. But even if you take the necessary steps to leave that job and put it in your past, the toll a toxic job takes on you doesn’t magically go away. Even if you get a new job, you could still feel the ripple effects of the old one. You were always shut down in meetings, so you’re afraid to speak up now, for example. Or, you were bullied by coworkers, so you’re anxious about making connections now.  

So, what do you do?  

Remember why you do what you do.

During your job search and the start of your new employment, it’s important to keep your “why” in perspective: Why you left your old job, and why you’ve chosen your new one. Trust your instincts – one of the silver linings of getting through a toxic work environment is you know what to watch out for next time. You’ve chosen a new job because it didn’t have the red flags of your old one. Also remember why you entered your profession in the first place; keep in mind that this new position is helping you get back to that core objective.  

Rely on your support network.

Your professional and personal support networks are there for a reason. One of them is to support you during a tough time, like a job transition. Whether it’s reaching out to professional contacts for leads on new jobs or advice on selecting a non-toxic workplace, or relying on friends and family to recharge and provide yourself with some joy, these people are there to help. Don’t be afraid to rely on the people around you when you’re working on healing from a toxic job environment.  

Talk to your new manager.

When you start your new job, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your new manager if you’re feeling anxious about toxicity in the workplace. You can have an honest conversation and be transparent about what you’ve experienced at your old place of employment, and how it might impact you now. If your manager is a good one, they’ll be receptive to this and will help you navigate things moving forward.  

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