How much time do you spend at work throughout the week? 40 hours? More? That’s a lot of time at your workstation – and it’s important to focus on your health and wellness while you’re at work, because you have limited time outside of work to do so!  

Here are seven ways to improve your health at work: 

#1: Drink Enough Water

Water is essential for nearly every bodily function. And it’s very easy to get dehydrated throughout the day if you’re not making a point to drink enough water. The experts recommend at least eight glasses a day – bring a thermos or jug with you to work and remember to refill it regularly.  

#2: Choose Healthy Snacks

There’s nothing wrong with snacking throughout the day while you’re at work, as long as the snacks aren’t pure junk food. Rather than candy or salty chips, try some fruit, mixed nuts, or yogurt to satisfy those between-meal cravings.  

#3: Take a Walk

Take a stroll around the building during your lunch hour. Walk the halls while you’re checking email on your phone. Getting some walking in however you can is a great way to add a little exercise to your day. It also boosts your endorphins and helps you stay awake when the after-lunch lull hits.  

#4: Pack a Healthy Lunch

Speaking of lunch, make sure you’re not eating fast food or other junk food for lunch every day. It’s a quick way to pack on excess pounds. Pack a healthy, balanced lunch most days of the week – you’ll feel and look better for it!  

#5: Keep Screens at Arm’s Length

In today’s workspaces, eye strain is a common problem. That’s because we spend much of our workdays looking at screens. If you work in front of a screen, keep it at arm’s length – literally. It’s a good way to reduce eye strain and avoid hunching over to get closer to the screen, which can create neck and back problems.  

#6: Disinfect Your Workstation

Screens, computer mice, telephone receivers, keyboards, keypads… these workstation surfaces can easily become full of bacteria and germs. It’s always a good idea to disinfect these areas regularly in order to stay healthy. Bring your own disinfectant from home if your workplace doesn’t have some stashed in the storage closet.  

#7: Take a Break

One of the healthiest things you can do at work is to step away from it. Whether that means a simple day off or a week-long vacation, use those PTO hours – they’re there for a reason.  

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