The economy is challenging people like never before. You likely want to make more money regardless of what you earn at work. It pays to know how to increase your income at your current job to achieve your goal.

Now, let’s look at three ways to make more money at your current job.

1. Find Out If Overtime Is Available

Ask your manager if overtime is available. If so, you can work extra hours during the week. You can use the overtime work to supplement your income. Plus, you can show your manager you are willing to work more than ever before to help your business thrive.

Before you request overtime, consider your work-life balance. If you believe you can handle extra hours at your current job without disrupting your work-life balance, let your manager know. But, if you discover you are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance once you start working overtime, notify your manager. Then, you and your manager can figure out the best way to proceed.

2. Request a Pay Increase

Let your manager know you would like a pay raise. Doing so can seem daunting at first. However, if you plan ahead, you can request a pay increase that helps you convince your manager you deserve more money at your current job.

Make a list of your daily responsibilities and evaluate any performance reviews you’ve received to date. If possible, provide your manager with data and statistics to support your request for a pay increase. This information can help you show your manager all that you offer your business.

In addition, set up a date and time to speak with your manager directly about a pay increase. Discuss your request in detail. Explain your point of view and why you feel you deserve a pay raise. Next, give your manager an opportunity to respond.

If your manager rejects your request for a pay raise, try not to worry. In this scenario, ask your manager what you can do to earn a pay raise down the line. You can then work with your manager to explore ways to boost your income.

3. Contribute to Your Business in Any Way Possible

Make yourself indispensable to your employer. This requires a positive outlook. Because if you look at the positive side of things, you’ll be able to find opportunities to contribute in many areas of your business.

If your company offers training opportunities, sign up for them. Or, if your employer needs workers to help with various projects, offer to assist. The more you can do to show your company you are willing to give your all, the more likely it becomes you can earn a promotion. If you are successful, your promotion may come with a pay raise as well.

Look for Ways to Increase Your Income at Your Current Job

Be persistent in your efforts to increase your income at your current job. And, if you are ready to consider job opportunities where you may be able to earn more money, HCR Personnel Solutions can help.

HCR offers job placement assistance to individuals in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario. To learn more, please contact us today.

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