More Canadians are jumping on the seasonal side hustle bandwagon. Currently, one in five Canadians has a side hustle. Many pick up these gigs as seasonal holiday jobs, and some of them, particularly in the warehousing industry, become permanent side hustles.  

Why are side hustle jobs so lucrative? The top reasons Canadians take on seasonal work include the following: 

  • 53% say it’s for extra money to save or spend. 
  • 29% are using side hustle seasonal jobs to make ends meet. 
  • 13% use these temporary positions to help make ends meet. 

A March 2022 poll showed that the majority of Canadian women (ages 18-34) are particularly interested in the gig economy for: 

  • Retiring sooner. 
  • Saving for a home down payment. 
  • Growing their savings. 

If you think a seasonal holiday job or even a permanent part-time gig isn’t worth the hassle, consider the latest research showing Canadians with a side hustle took home (after taxes) $15,430 per year.

Here’s how to land a side hustle seasonal work in Ontario this holiday season. 

How do Seasonal Side Hustles Work?

Seasonal holiday jobs are a great way to dip your toes into the side hustle pool. Seasonal work in Ontario consists of temporary jobs to meet a company’s short-term needs to ramp up hiring. These jobs can go on for three- to six months or longer, and many can covert to full-time roles with benefits. Because these jobs don’t offer benefits, the pay scale is higher than a full-time position. Even better? Temp agencies in Toronto have these jobs, so you don’t have as much hassle when applying to interview. You also don’t have the stress of starting your own business or picking up a small job on an online side hustle platform. If you work with a temp staffing agency like HCR, we do all the leg work for you. 

Temp agencies in Toronto have all kinds of seasonal holiday side hustles: 

  • Temp work in resorts and ski lodges. 
  • Retail holiday work. 
  • Seasonal warehouse jobs. 

Let’s take seasonal warehouse jobs as an example. Temp agencies in Toronto hire for these jobs typically because consumer goods and raw materials move in and out of warehouses more frequently during the busy holiday season. HCR Personal Solutions Inc. hires for seasonal warehouse jobs, and we can tell you the demand for these workers is at an all-time high. 

If you’re interested in a seasonal holiday job, we have some tips for how to get hired. 

Tips to Get Hired at a Warehouse for Seasonal Holidays Jobs

Hiring for seasonal side hustle jobs can happen at any time of the year. For example, seasonal warehouse jobs don’t just happen at Christmas when eCommerce ramps up. The logistics industry always looks for side hustlers to add to their teams when orders go up. Other seasonal jobs like retail start hiring between September and November, but this year, with the volume of jobs exceeding the supply of workers, it is in no way too late to get hired for a seasonal holiday job. But, like any interview process, you need to prepare. These three tips will help.

#1 Research Companies Hiring Seasonal Warehouse Workers

Retail is always the side hustle you probably think of during Christmas. But look around—there are all kinds of jobs out there for seasonal or part-time workers. There are jobs on Christmas tree lots, tax preparers are hiring for that dreaded season, or food delivery companies always need help. Another example is HCR’s specialty in seasonal warehouse jobs. That may not be the first type of side hustle that comes to mind, but it’s a very flexible and lucrative industry that offers top pay, various shifts, and great money.

The point here is to research all of the companies out there that are hiring seasonal holiday jobs. See if you can pair one of them with your goal of picking up a side hustle. We think you’ll find the perfect match.

#2 Be Flexible

When looking at seasonal work in Ontario, consider your schedule and availability in addition to your financial goals. Your flexibility may get you hired faster. This is especially true with seasonal warehouse jobs, which often run second and third overnight shifts in addition to daytime work. If you’re already working a full-time job, the chances are high that the role is in the daytime. Can you put in a few hours at night in a warehouse? Can you work weekends? Are you willing to try a variety of tasks and learn new skills?  

Employers want capable, flexible employees who can jump into a job and get it done. It’s that same kind of go-get-it driving many people to take on a side hustle. If you’re looking for a seasonal holiday job, this will make you stand out to employers.

#3 Prepare for the Interview

Preparing for the interview is essential, even if you’re just trying to make a little extra money with a seasonal holiday job. You still want to learn about the company by researching it beforehand. Even employers who participate in the gig economy what reliable workers that they can count on. So, don’t skimp on the interview process or think, “it’s just a warehouse job” or “it’s just a side hustle.” The same rules apply: you should prepare for the interview process and present yourself professionally.

Top Warehouse Jobs to Apply for During the Holiday Season

Since we’ve been talking about seasonal warehouse work in Ontario, let’s discuss some of the typical types of jobs available this year.  

As we write this, a quick job board search on Indeed gives us 6,848 seasonal warehouse jobs in Ontario. There are another 762 on LinkedIn. HCR has dozens of jobs, as well. What are these jobs? What is the workday like? Are the schedules really as flexible as you might imagine?  

Let’s look at three typical warehouse jobs: Forklift operators; production labourers; and shippers and assemblers.  

Forklift Operators

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a forklift driver in a warehouse setting, we can help you understand the role. 

A forklift operator drives heavy machinery known as a forklift around a job site, transporting pallets and goods and then stacking them in a warehouse or storage area. Some of the typical responsibilities of a forklift operator include: 

  • Completing tasks as quickly and safely as possible. 
  • Following all safety and health rules. 
  • Loading and unloading trucks on a dock. 
  • Transporting materials and storing them in a warehouse. 
  • Double checking load security. 
  • Performing forklift safety and maintenance checks. 
  • Keeping or updating records. 

Forklift drivers must be certified to operate these tough, but dangerous machines. That’s why these roles are some of the best paying in the warehouse world. Even forklift operators that qualify as a seasonal employee make great money, typically $46,000 to more than $53,000 or over $20 an hour. 

If you can drive a forklift, your skills are highly in demand, and you’ll likely have your choice of seasonal warehouse jobs.  

Production Labourers

It doesn’t take a lot of experience to land a production labourer as a side hustle job. A production labourer helps with assembly lines in warehouse storage and production. You’ll find production labourers in factories, too, working on factory processes and products. In a warehouse seasonal job, a production labourer helps prepare products for shipping. They may handle picking products for shipment, similar to an Amazon warehouse. They may package finished shipments and complete various checks to guarantee the order is fulfilled. The duties of a production labourer depend on the type of business. A typical list of responsibilities could include: 

  • Monitor the production line, tracking loading and shipments. 
  • Assemble or gather goods for a shipment. 
  • Double check the quality of the order. 
  • Store and process raw materials. 
  • Organize and track inventory. 
  • Move materials with a freight dolly or other heavy equipment to another part of a warehouse. 
  • Follow the instructions of a supervisor. 
  • Follow all safety rules. 

In these roles, you’ll work with a team within the warehouse setting to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Like other positions in a warehouse setting, you probably can land a production labourer job with a very flexible schedule including at night or on the weekends. That flexibility is exactly what most people seeking a seasonal or side hustle job are looking for. 

These positions range in salary from around $34,000 in an annual salar to more than $46,000. Many of these positions may also pay a sign-on bonus, so talk with your HCR recruiter to find out what’s available. 

Shippers and Assemblers

Shipping and assembly jobs are great because: a) There are plenty of them available, and; b) You don’t need a lot of job experience. These roles pay $18 or $19 to start and go up from there, typically. Many times the two roles will be separated by employers, but the typical assembly and shipping job consists of: 

  • Stocking goods and products. 
  • Picking goods to fulfill an order. 
  • Preparing items for shipment. 

Like other seasonal warehouse jobs, these positions pay well but also have extensive scheduling flexibility. They may also offer a sign-on bonus. Sometimes these positions even go full-time and can lead to promotions, benefits, and other perks. 

Find Seasonal Warehouse Jobs in Ontario with a Temp Agency

If you’re ready to take the plunge into your own side hustle, HCR Personnel Solutions Inc has plenty of seasonal work in Ontario. As one of the leading temp agencies in Toronto, we specialize in helping you find the perfect match to meet your financial goals.

Browse our seasonal warehouse jobs today!

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