A wise person once said, “what we are grateful for, we get to keep.” But, being grateful at work allows us more than just keeping our job. Gratitude increases your job satisfaction Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood, the days seem to fly by? It may not exactly be… Read more »

Your resume is the first step in getting that great new job you’re looking for. If you haven’t updated it for a while, or if you’re just starting out in the job market, here are a few basic resume tips that can lead to success in your job search. Make a Good First Impression Your… Read more »

Negotiating is not easy, especially if you are negotiating for yourself. Most people find it difficult to talk about their positive qualities and even harder to ask for what we want, or think we deserve. But sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and get in the negotiating game in order to get what… Read more »

Did you know that every year, nearly 3 million men and women are injured on-the-job? And the majority of those injuries are the result of workplace trips, slips, or falls. What is even more alarming is the fact that the majority of these injuries can be prevented. Let’s take a look at trips, slips, and… Read more »

Is there really a right time to ask for a raise? Yes. When it comes to asking your employer for more money, the right time to do it is after both you and your boss have agreed to it. This is the point when your boss is enjoying a breath of relief at having gone… Read more »

Everybody gets sick at one time or another. In fact, the average adult battles the common cold two or three times every year, with each bout typically lasting a week, or longer.  And that means days off from work. You may be thinking that it’s better to push through and go to work when your… Read more »

We spend a lot of time at work during our lifetime. The average worker will spend a third of their waking hours at their workplace. So, even if we have a relatively healthy lifestyle outside of work, what we do at work can make a real difference. Here are 5 tips for maintaining our health… Read more »

Before you reach out to a former employer, think about the type of working relationship you had with them. If you had a complicated relationship with your boss and didn’t get along too well, it might be very hard to make a successful business connection. But if you had a good, positive working relationship then… Read more »

Are you constantly late? Are you always rushing out the door? Is it a constant battle for you to get to work on time? You don’t want to be late, everyone knows that, even your employer. But chronic lateness can get your fired! Being late now and then understandable, but if you’re always sneaking past… Read more »

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