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Normally, the best advice is to keep your interview answers totally professional. But, there may be times when it’s okay to talk about your personal life. These may include discussing limitations on your ability to work overtime due to health or family situations. Or maybe leaving work on time everyday is important because you have… Read more »

You don’t have to love everybody at work. You just need to get along. It’s much more pleasant to go to work when you don’t have to argue or fight with your co-workers. Here are a few tips to help you get along with everybody, even the people you may not like. Listen More Than… Read more »

  Soft skills are often referred to as ‘people skills’.  These are the skills that determine how others will perceive you at work and in your life outside of work. To be a success at work, and even in life, you will need to develop a good soft skill set.   Let’s look at some of the… Read more »

A wise person once said, “what we are grateful for, we get to keep.” But, being grateful at work allows us more than just keeping our job. Gratitude increases your job satisfaction Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood, the days seem to fly by? It may not exactly be… Read more »

We spend a lot of time at work during our lifetime. The average worker will spend a third of their waking hours at their workplace. So, even if we have a relatively healthy lifestyle outside of work, what we do at work can make a real difference. Here are 5 tips for maintaining our health… Read more »

Are you constantly late? Are you always rushing out the door? Is it a constant battle for you to get to work on time? You don’t want to be late, everyone knows that, even your employer. But chronic lateness can get your fired! Being late now and then understandable, but if you’re always sneaking past… Read more »

It’s tough to know how to communicate with a recruiter. You don’t want to be a pest, but you want to be sure that they know you are interested. Besides, they are probably working with many candidates and you want to stay top of mind. What’s the best way to keep in touch without making… Read more »

  There’s an old saying that you should dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. But how do those rules apply in a job interview? If you’re interviewing for a job in a business environment, it’s a no-brainer that you would show up for the interview wearing classic business… Read more »

There are so many different factors that contribute to achieving professional success. But you may be surprised to learn that an expensive education isn’t always one of them.  In today’s workforce, skilled trades are more valuable and in-demand than ever. Plus, skilled trades often provide workers with stable and rewarding employment for the entirety of… Read more »

In today’s competitive job market, it can be difficult to search for a job entirely on your own—particularly without any leads or contacts. Even highly qualified employees with years of experience often send out resume after resume without ever receiving a call back. This is why many job seekers turn to staffing firms. A staffing… Read more »