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You’ve been at your job a while now. Although your boss treats you fine, you’re not connected with your co-workers and you’re feeling stale. You’re not exactly miserable, but you can’t shake the nagging feeling that you need a change of scenery. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear that you need to move on; other times, it’s… Read more »

Sometimes we’re so focused on our physical health that we forget about the importance of mental health, especially in the workplace. Poor mental health, often the result of a lack of work-life balance, can have a negative effect on our work performance and overall well-being. As work environments become increasingly fast-paced, it’s now more important… Read more »

Feeling tired is common for many professionals, but extreme fatigue can be very detrimental for manufacturing workers. Working on site in a manufacturing setting requires close attention to the handling of machinery, equipment and large commercial vehicles. Therefore, it’s critical that workers are fully rested and alert on the job at all times. Here are… Read more »

We are going through a time when everything seems to be happening much faster than ever before. Many of us are working extra long hours and then scrambling to find some time for ourselves and our families. Some experts suggest not to fight this trend, but learn to adapt. Others think its best to try… Read more »

Recruiters and hiring managers are very busy people. They have to scan resumes, interview candidates and make fast decisions about who they should recommend for a vacant position. They are looking for certain assets right from the beginning. That includes enthusiasm, industry knowledge, conversation skills, punctuality and appearance. They don’t have any time to waste…. Read more »

If you find yourself thinking you’ve been in the same job too long, you’re probably right. If you are bored, don’t like going to work and would really like a change in work scenery, you are likely stuck in what the experts call a “career rut.” It doesn’t feel great to be there, and if… Read more »

Job interviews can be difficult, even at the best of times. You’re in an unfamiliar environment. You’re nervous. You’re trying to make a good impression. Now, throw into the mix the fact that you’ve recently been laid off from your job, and you have a recipe for a potential interview disaster. Being laid off is… Read more »

Did you know that the first five minutes of an interview are often the most important? As soon as you walk into the room, your prospective employer is already making tons of snap judgments about you that will inevitably influence their hiring decision. How are you dressed? What’s your energy like? Did you arrive on… Read more »

Finishing one job and beginning another means starting fresh with new co-workers and a new employer, right? Wrong. When it comes to your career, you’re never completely starting over. Maintaining a positive relationship with old employer(s) is actually highly important for all workers in any industry. If you can avoid it, you never want to… Read more »

Interviews can be stressful and nerve-racking experiences. Even the most confident employees tend to get nervous right before a big interview. But there’s no denying that interviews are also a necessity when you want to secure a new position. The interview is your first encounter with your prospective employer. It’s an opportunity for them to… Read more »