How to Get a Promotion

Even if you enjoy your current position, the odds are good that you have an eye on the future. After all, most employees want to earn more money and secure better benefits and perks. If you’re eager to earn a promotion, check out these tips for showing managers and owners that you’re up for the… Read more »

Just because you’re happy in your current job doesn’t mean your eyes aren’t fixed on the future. Even if you just started in a position, you might already be thinking about how you can secure a promotion. At HCR, we’re excited about helping job candidates achieve their goals. Here are our tips for getting promoted… Read more »

Most people dread having to ask for a raise or a promotion. It can be both awkward and uncomfortable to advocate for yourself, which is why the majority of employees avoid asking for months (and sometimes years), even when they believe they deserve a promotion. But what if there was something you could do to… Read more »