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Looking for a new job is stressful. The challenge is to manage that stress and not allow anxiety and fear stop you from finding an opportunity that is perfect for you. Why Are We Stressed When We’re Looking for Work? That’s easy: Our economic security and personal well-being may be on the line. We might… Read more »

If you’ve always wanted to stop smoking, now might be your time. This time quit smoking for good! There are many benefits to quitting smoking and some of them happen right away: Benefits of Quitting Smoking 20 minutes after you quit, your blood pressure starts to drop. 8 hours after you quit, the level of… Read more »

The only thing more nerve-racking than a job interview is your first day on the job. You achieved your goal. You secured a position. But now the real pressure is on. More than ever, making a good impression is critical. First days are a whirlwind. You’re meeting co-workers, getting a tour of your new work… Read more »

Getting the job you really want means that you have to stand out from the crowd. To do that you have to be outstanding! Follow these tips to be outstanding and stay top-of-mind with a hiring manager. Stand Out Early Apply to the company where you want to work before there is even an opening…. Read more »

A job interview gives a prospective employer a snapshot of who you are. In many ways, it’s similar to a first date insofar as you are being evaluated not just for your “on-paper” qualities, but also for your personality. It matters whether you’re friendly or stand-offish. Whether you seem confident and composed, or shy and… Read more »

The end of December is a great time to reflect on your professional life and make plans for the year to come. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to accomplish in 2015? Were you satisfied with your job and the work you were doing? Or, if you were hunting for a new position, were… Read more »

There are a few misconceptions floating around about temporary jobs. Some people assume all temporary jobs result in lower pay and unsatisfying work. Others think that temporary positions never lead to full-time employment.   But these misconceptions are just that: misinformation. There are a number of great benefits of taking on a temporary position. And… Read more »

Employees have many different reasons for leaving a job. Maybe your family relocated to a new city. Maybe you just weren’t a good fit for that particular work environment. Or perhaps you were let go due to staffing cut backs. Whatever the reason that you left your last job, it’s important to have an answer… Read more »