Responsive, effective and a true partner in every sense of the word.  HCR not only understands the business of Distribution Centers, they also understand the requirements of the staff to make them work effectively.  HCR made an immediate and favourable impact in supporting our Main DC with timely and effective staffing solutions during a time of need.  It is our pleasure to have HCR as a partner of choice for Warehouse staffing. 

– Rick

Immediate and favourable impact

While you never want to get injured on the job, HCR has been nothing but accommodating towards me. Being in the office on modified duties I have learned many useful skills that I hope to use in the future. Everyone in the office is super friendly, and seeing what they do day to day, these ladies work hard for every one of their employees.
– Lisha

Learned new skills

As a new Immigrant , HCR has been very instrumental in assisting me on my path to a great career. All their jobs are in great environments and attract good salaries. I would definitely recommend HCR to all job seekers. 👍
– Joseph

Assisting me on my career path

I highly recommend HCR Personnel. They are an agency who is  committed to providing the best service in getting candidates placed quickly.  They have helped me  find work with great companies in a short period of time. Keep up the great work.
– Prabhpree

Work with great companies

Thank you for making this experience go smoothly and always checking in to see how I was doing, and for the well wishes. I hope that you have a wonderful year and continue to give the awesome service that you have given to me.

Awesome service

My overall experience with HCR been great. Through the last 3 years working there I had been  given many opportunities to learn new skills and also the management is very helpful and friendly.

Great experience

Our company has worked with the HCR St. Thomas branch for several years. The service that is provided is always positive and follows our established policies, procedures and guidelines. Communication is always at the forefront, where our HR and Leadership Team are aware of the status of employees, and the recruitment efforts of the HCR branch.

HCR St. Thomas often provides quality candidates, and in turn, our Leadership Team reviews a number of candidates for full time hire on a regular basis.

HCR St. Thomas has become our preferred supplier for temporary staffing, and I would recommend their services.

-Human Resources Area Leader

Preferred Supplier

I have worked directly with HCR for approximately nine years. HCR provides our Temporary Associates on an ongoing and as needed basis. Through continued commitment to providing outstanding service, HCR has become a strategic partner of ours and the primary contact for Temporary Associates. The level of care and consideration provided by HCR exceeds our experiences with representatives from other agencies.

HCR has consistently excelled at working hard to meet the needs of our company. They are responsive when given little to no notice and can pivot fast to provide quick turnaround to our changing needs, a necessity in the fast-paced, always changing manufacturing sector. HCR even responds well when given what would seem to be an impossible task at times!

Working hard to understand our business and recruit the type of associates that offer the best chances of success in a manufacturing environment, HCR is committed to being upfront and honest with us as a business partner and has helped us on numerous occasions to get out of tight spots by anticipating problems and concerns and addressing them proactively and with the best intentions for all parties in mind.

HCR has been a reliable and trusted resource and our partnership with HCR has flourished. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Their ability to build relationships and provide talent will promote your success.

J. Micks
Sr HR Generalist

Long-term Partnership

I am excited to say I will be changing to full time employment next week! I just wanted to thank you for all your years of taking care of me. If I ever need your assistance again, I will be sure to come back to you!
– Carmen

Hired fulltime!

My experience with HCR was great. I worked with the Agency for 8 months until I was hired full time. They really take care of their employees they will seek the right job suited for you. I recommended my own daughters to the Agency and they got work the next day – that’s how fast they are and they’re simply the best.
– Dona

They take care of their employees