It’s Our Process That Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to providing thoroughly prepared people is our driving force – and it’s so important, we found a way to ensure it. After meeting and evaluating many candidates, we developed the HCR JobReady process. It’s a systematic way to deliver suitable employees every time – and it’s exclusive to HCR.

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Exclusive JobReady Process

Resume Review

Applicants supply a current resume outlining skills, experience and training. The most highly qualified candidates are screened by phone.

Telephone Prescreen/Interview Set-Up

Candidates are prescreened by telephone, at which time an initial impression is noted. Suitable applicants are given an appointment to come to HCR for a comprehensive evaluation.

Screening and Verification of Employment Eligibility

Before proceeding, HCR ensures every applicant is ready and able to work in Canada. Social Insurance numbers and Canadian employment eligibility are verified. Current photo identification is confirmed.

Skills Assessment Test

Applicants must complete an assessment package that tests their skills. Only those that meet our rigorous standards advance to the next level of evaluation.

One-on-One Comprehensive Interview

With your specific requirements in mind, an experienced HCR interviewer will meet each applicant. We will discuss details of their work and training background and assess their professionalism, integrity and work ethic.

Hiring Decision

Based on the results of all testing, reviews and interviews, a hiring decision is made.

Orientation Sessions

At the time of hiring, the applicant schedules an appointment for a two-hour orientation at HCR. The session thoroughly advises the applicant of HCR policies as well as your expectations and requirements as a client. Health and safety, quality and WHMIS training are also provided.

Certified JobReady

After HCR’s industry-leading JobReady process is complete, you can be assured that your team member is productive, professional and primed to work. We take great pride in the caliber of the staff we provide. We’re confident that you will too.