Interviews can be stressful and nerve-racking experiences. Even the most confident employees tend to get nervous right before a big interview. But there’s no denying that interviews are also a necessity when you want to secure a new position.

The interview is your first encounter with your prospective employer. It’s an opportunity for them to meet you inperson, and it helps them decide whether or not you seem like a good fit for their company.

While everyone has their own interview style, there are a few basic rules that are absolutely essential for leaving a positive impression. 

Turn off your cell phone.

Our phones travel everywhere with us these days. But there are certain moments when receiving a phone call or a text message is distracting and rude. An interview is one of these moments. Always remember to turn your phone off (or put it on silent) before you arrive at your interview. Having your phone ring in the middle of the conversation can be uncomfortable for both you and your interviewer. It this happens, the flow of the interview could be entirely thrown off.

Make eye contact.

 Eye contact during a conversation gives the impression that you are confident and engaged. Don’t be afraid to hold eye contact with your interviewer as you listen and respond to their questions. Let them know you’re interested in the position. A lack of eye contact sends an immediate signal that you’re uncomfortable or distracted. 

Be positive.

 Employers want to work with positive team players. Don’t forget to smile and answer questions with energy and enthusiasm. Turn on the charm and show your interviewer that you’re happy to be there. 

Ask questions.

 Sitting through an entire job interview without asking any question raises a big red flag. Come prepared with at least two questions to ask your interviewer about the position. The questions don’t have to be long or complicated. You just want to ensure that your interviewer knows you did your homework and care about the outcome of the competition.

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