Assembly worker jobs come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in a range of different industries. In the automotive industry, working on the assembly line is a flexible, in-demand role with plenty of room for growth.

In general, most automotive companies are looking for assembly workers with some degree of experience with controls and equipment maintenance in a manufacturing environment. Naturally, they also look for individuals with a good amount of manual dexterity.

Since assembly line workers are responsible for inspection and safety, a candidate with excellent attention to detail and a high degree of focus is also a must-have. Be sure to include these skills on your resume when you apply for an assembly role. Even if you haven’t worked in an automotive environment before, if you have experience on an assembly line you can most certainly make a case for how the skills you’ve developed in another industry are transferable to an automotive assembly line.

So how much can you expect to earn as an assembly worker?

The starting salary in Ontario for a full-time assembly worker falls within the $12-$13 range. Generally, full-time assembly workers work in eight hour shifts, with some overtime hours required from time to time. Depending on the employer, many employees will have the potential to earn more after a certain amount of time has passed. There are also opportunities within many automotive companies to gain additional experience and, eventually, apply for a more senior role.

For more information about securing a position in Ontario as an assembly worker in the automotive industry, contact HCR or browse through our job openings.

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