Everyone gets stressed at work from time to time. It’s an inevitable fact of life that some days will just be tougher than others.

One of the best strategies for managing your stress-levels at work is to incorporate a few de-stressing techniques into your daily routine before something triggers you. That way, you’re always ready to take on any challenges that might occur.

Here are a few tried and true techniques that are ideal for a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

Combat muscle tension.

When your job requires a lot of physical labour, chances are you will develop some muscle tension throughout the day. To deal with this, take a few minutes, every hour or so, to stretch out your muscles and find your centre. Start by taking a few breath breaths. Then, move around a bit. Take a quick stroll to get some coffee or water. After that, do a few repetitions of some basic stretches, such as reaching your arms above your head, or rolling your head from side-to-side. You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you’ll feel afterward.

The power of music.

Music is transporting and restorative.  An excellent way to help yourself relax is to listen to a piece of music that you like. On a busy day, take some time for yourself. Put on your headphones during your break or lunch hour and listen to your favourite tunes. Choose something soothing and mellow and watch your stress melt away.

Vitamin D.

Sunlight has been proven to elevate moods and increase energy. Since most of us work indoors for most of the day, be sure to get outside when you can and expose yourself to some direct sunlight. This could mean taking a walk, or even just sitting briefly outside while you catch up on email or read a book.

Organize your workspace.

Unnecessary clutter and disorganization is a common cause of workplace stress. Take a few moments each day to organize your personal space (such as your locker), as well as your work environment. If you do this before things get messy, you’ll avoid the stress later.

Fuel your body the right way.

Eating regular healthy meals is one the easiest and best ways to ensure that your stress levels stay in check throughout the workday. When you let your blood sugar drop, you get irritable and tired. And that means you’re much more likely to have a bad day. Keep healthy snacks nearby, drink enough water, and pack yourself a nutritious and filling lunch.

Follow these simple five steps and we guarantee you’ll notice that it’s much easier to manage your stress levels in the workplace.

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