Finding out that you didn’t get a job is never easy. Especially if you thought your interview went well, it can be very disappointing to find out that an employer hired somebody else.

However, even though rejection is tough, you can learn a lot from an unsuccessful job interview. And you can still build a relationship with the company that could be beneficial down the road.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways to keep your foot in the door even though you didn’t get the job.

Send a thank you note

It’s easy to send off a quick email. But sending a formal thank you note will really help you stand out. Whether you received a job offer or not, taking the time to thank the individuals who interviewed you is a great gesture. Even better: it’s something that hiring managers notice and remember when it comes time to hire again.

Try to see things from their perspective

It’s completely normal to feel upset when you find out that you weren’t selected for a job. But remember: hiring is stressful too. Job seekers aren’t the only ones under a lot of pressure during an interview. Keep this in mind and be sure to let the hiring manager of the company you interviewed with know that you understand and respect their decision-making process. Let them know that you were grateful to be considered and that you still feel very strongly about the organization. Your positive attitude will be greatly appreciated.

Stay in touch

Once you’ve received the news, don’t be shy about asking the hiring manager whether you can check in with him or her in the coming months regarding any future opportunities. Ask which method of communication they’d prefer (i.e. email or phone) and state once again how enthusiastic you are about the company. Don’t be overbearing, but do confidently express your commitment and your interest in being considered for a job in the future. Companies want to employ proactive self-starters. If you continue to express how interested you are despite not being offered the job, you will definitely stay on their radar and, potentially, create an even better opportunity for yourself.

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