Ever heard the expression “actions speak louder than words?” Well, there’s a lot of truth to this saying, especially in the workplace. Your body language is a key part of your communication style and can greatly affect how others perceive you – both personally and professionally. Whether you’re seeking a new job or striving to make a strong impression in your current workplace, exhibiting positive body language in all your interactions is critical. Here are three tips for building positive body language habits:


  1. Show positive facial expressions.

No matter how stressed or nervous you may feel, you should make sure your facial expressions are positive when communicating with others. Making sure to smile, make direct eye contact, and exhibit a friendly expression will create a mutually positive experience for you and the person with whom you’re communicating. You’ll also make yourself more approachable to others for future conversations.


  1. Pay attention to your posture.

A poor posture can make you appear as though you lack confidence and professionalism. When talking with others, you’ll want to avoid slouching your shoulders and always stand up straight. By having proper posture, you’ll look more qualified and allow others to feel more comfortable in your presence.


  1. Eliminate distractions.

One of the worst body language killers results from technology distractions. Constantly looking at your phone or checking your email, even if you try to do it discretely, can make you appear disinterested in a conversation and create the impression that you’re not giving the other person your fullest attention. If you do have to check your phone, let the person know why (such as you’re awaiting an urgent message from your boss).


Your body language can undoubtedly speak volumes about your confidence, professionalism and overall competence. Developing positive body habits will allow you to propel your career to new heights and develop strong relationships with your colleagues.

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