What you say at work can have far-reaching ramifications. Future promotions and long-term friendships can be affected by what you talk about even in situations where the conversation is nothing more than small talk.

It’s important that you avoid topics that could shine an unfavorable light on you and cause others to reconsider their relationship with you because of something polarizing that you said during a seemingly innocent chit-chat.

Here are five of the most potentially controversial topics that you should approach with extreme caution or avoid altogether.


  1. Race, Religion, and Politics:

In today’s multicultural work environment, it should go without saying that race and religion are subjects that you should avoid. And if you think politics might be a safe topic, just look at your neighbors to the south, where last November’s election polarized an entire country. Steer clear!


  1. Personal Problems:

While sharing your problems with someone else can bring you temporary relief, don’t talk about them at work. Nothing is ever off the record, and you don’t want anyone who has a hand in your career advancement to think you are burdened with troubles.


  1. Telling Lies to Impress:

Your mother was right when she said there is no such thing as a little white lie. That small embellishment that you hoped would impress your fellow workers in the break room could one day stand in the way of a big promotion.


  1. Discussing Your Habits:

Alright, you enjoy getting wasted every Friday night. You don’t need to brag about it on Monday morning. Managers don’t want to advance someone they suspect has a drinking problem.


  1. Gossiping:

You might know which of your co-workers is having an affair or is in arrears on their mortgage, but that is information you should keep to yourself. You won’t impress anyone with your insider knowledge; you’ll just become known as a blabber-mouth.


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