Sometimes you do everything right and still don’t get the results you were hoping for. Take job hunting, for instance. You’ve put together a great resume, your LinkedIn profile is complete, and you’re getting interviews. The only thing that’s missing is a job offer. Unfortunately, that’s the most important thing!

But don’t get too down on yourself. The fact that you’re getting interviews is a good sign. It means you’re on the right track, and all that might be needed is some tweaking of your responses during your interviews. How you’re answering the hiring manager’s questions is just as important as what you’re saying. Here are two things to consider:

Make sure your answers are clear and compelling

Your interviewer wants to know the relevant details of your background and work experiences. Don’t muddle your answers with unnecessary trivia that makes you sound amateurish. Remember, your prospective employer is interested in hearing about experiences in which you showed leadership, were a team player or resolved a conflict.

Come up with a common interview question—for instance, what were your responsibilities at your last job?—and practice your answer. Then, run it by someone you can trust to be honest with you. If your friend can’t explain what you did or why it was important, you have the culprit: Your stories aren’t clear and compelling. You need to refine your answers.

Start by getting rid of unnecessary details and adding context that clarifies anything that’s too vague. The whole idea of enhancing your presentation is to help the interviewer understand what you did and why it mattered.

Put some charm into your answers

Have you ever laughed at yourself? If not, you should try it on occasion. And don’t be afraid to throw in a self-deprecating moment during your interview. There’s something likable about people who can laugh at themselves, and you want your interviewer to like you and laugh along with you.

Don’t forget to smile as you answer the questions. Research indicates that smiling can change your mood and is contagious for others. And since hiring managers are looking for warmth, not just competence, your smile and sense of humor will help you come across as an engaging individual who would fit well into their company.

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