You have every reason to feel nervous about your upcoming interview. From your perspective, that hour or so with the interviewer could determine a substantial chunk of your future—that is, where you’ll be working for the next five or ten years.

And while it makes sense that you would be uptight, it isn’t something you want to show the person sitting across the desk from you. Your nervousness could be misinterpreted as a sign that you aren’t sure you can handle the job. For that reason alone, it’s preferable to look confident when you walk into that interview.

Of course, confidence is not the same as arrogance. It means that you believe you’ll be able to perform well on the job and are confident you can communicate that to the hiring manager. If you don’t have that confidence, you’ll start believing that you’re just one of many in the interview lottery drawing and with the right kind of luck, your name might be pulled from the hat.

Avoid that thinking by building your confidence to a point where you are convinced you are the best choice. If you are believing, it naturally follows that the interviewer will also feel it. Here’s how to do it:

Recognize that you have value.

Acknowledge that you will bring value to this company. You have the talents, skills, and experience to do an excellent job for the organization. Think of yourself as a star performer, and make a list of your accomplishments to confirm it. After you remind yourself of your worth, your confidence will rise, as will your chances of getting a job offer.

Show up well prepared.

Showing up prepared for an interview is a proven confidence builder. Once you have researched the company and thoroughly understand what it does, you’ll be able to talk to the interviewer about how your skills match their needs.

Think about the questions you might be asked and practice your answers to them. Much of your nervousness will fade away if you walk into the interview ready to explain how you will be able to do the job effectively.

If you act confident, you’ll look and feel confident.

Carry yourself confidently, and you will feel much more confident. Your posture alone can make a drastic change in your emotions. Standing and sitting straight shows confidence. If you’re feeling tense, try to remember something funny and smile about it. Days before the interview, start thinking about all the reasons you would be the perfect fit for this position. If you start believing in yourself, your confidence will show through, and the hiring manager will believe in you, too.

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