One of the fastest-growing areas of the workforce is temporary employment. Often the victim of its reputation for low pay and entry-level jobs, it has gained respectability over the past few years as larger corporations, hospitals, and professional offices have begun to use temps, freelancers, and contract workers.

Companies like Amazon have been leading the way, hiring tens of thousands of temporary workers during peak holiday periods. Overall, the use of temps has grown by more than 50-percent over the last four years, and statistics indicate that upwards of 25-percent of these temporary assignments lead permanent employment.

Although temporary work is becoming more available, those who are invited to stay on permanently are the ones who have shown that they are exceptional. These workers were team players, acted professionally, accepted overtime work, and had the right skills for the job.

If you think you have what it takes to turn a temporary job into a full-time position, here are a few suggestions to help you along:

Research your company

Get to know the company where you’re temping. Find out all you can about their products or services. Learn how they do things: What are their codes of conduct and values? What is their brand? You can make yourself more valuable and have a better chance for permanent work if you understand their business. And the sooner you know the way things work, the sooner you can figure out how to fit in.

Act like you’re already a full-time worker

One way to gain an advantage when a permanent position opens up is to act as if you belong there. Don’t just go through the motions. Take on extra projects or tasks to show them you have an excellent work ethic. Help the permanent workers when you see they need it, and they will start treating you like part of the team. Establish good relationships with them, and they will be your strongest advocates when a permanent opening comes up.

Show some flexibility

Flexibility and cooperation are closely related. Employers love workers who are up for new challenges and accept them with enthusiasm. Valuable employees are open to both new ideas and better ways of doing things. They are great team players who know when it is best to go with the flow and when it makes sense to express an opinion. You can set yourself apart from the run-of-the-mill temps by showing your boss that you are anything but ordinary!

Are you ready to find a temporary position?

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