You know you have what it takes to thrive in a particular role. Now, you need to showcase your skills during your interview, so you can land the role and accelerate your career growth.

Ways to Showcase Your Skills During an Interview

There are many ways you can showcase your skills during an interview, including:

1. Prepare for the Interview

Review a job description and what the role entails. Then, you can see how your skills align with the job’s responsibilities. You can also make a list of questions that may be asked during the interview and consider how you will respond to them.

Interview preparation is key, regardless of role. If you plan ahead for your interview, you can ensure you are well-equipped to meet the needs of a potential employer. Plus, you can prepare for interview questions, so you can share details about your skills in your responses.

2. Offer Insights into Your Work Experience

Provide samples of your work whenever possible. This lets a potential employer see what you have produced during your career and your approach to different tasks and projects. In addition, it allows you to show a prospective employer how you will apply your skills to the role you want to land.

Be proactive in your efforts to share work samples with a potential employer. Offer to share your portfolio before your interview, as this allows your interviewer to learn about your skills before you meet with him or her. Also, you can offer to submit a custom work sample that showcases your skills before your interview. In doing so, you may further differentiate yourself from other candidates.

3. Promote Your References

Encourage an interviewer to contact your professional references for additional information about your skills. Although you can provide great insights into your skills, your references can share real-world examples of how you used your skills to deliver exceptional results.

Give your references advance notice if you plan to promote them during your interview. This ensures your references can watch for a phone call or email from your interviewer in the days following your meeting.

4. Use Industry Terminology

Incorporate industry terms and phrases into your interview responses. But, only do so when a response applies to an interviewer’s question. This ensures you can showcase your understanding of industry terminology and have the desire to learn as much as possible about your industry.

Finally, include industry terminology in questions for your interviewer. If you want to learn more about a role and what a potential employer expects from a candidate who accepts this position, you can incorporate industry terms and phrases into your questions about the position. Then, you can learn about the role and determine if you are a good fit.

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