Finding a job is challenging under any circumstances. But it can be especially tricky if you’re a first-time job seeker. You don’t know how to look, where to look, or what to expect. You haven’t had time to develop the necessary connections to aid you in your search, so you feel alone and overwhelmed. Here are three suggestions to help you get started on your first job search.

Be as specific as possible in your search.

If you’re networking, don’t tell people that you’re hoping to find a manufacturing job. Instead, let them know you want to find a job as a MIG welder, preferably in an auto-related industry, in Southern Ontario. Focusing in on some specifics in your search will allow you to modify your resume for each job to which you apply.

Although it’s a good idea to be specific as you pursue your first job, being too specific will limit your chances considerably.

Remember, your geographical choices can make a difference.

Think about geography as you begin your search. You are already at a disadvantage as a job hunter with little or no experience. Why wade into areas where the competition will be fierce? Openings in the main metropolitan areas like downtown Toronto will be besieged by applications.

By moving your search just 30 km, you can apply in smaller cities — Newmarket, for instance — where there might be considerably fewer candidates for each open position.

Try to be patient.

If you’re looking for your first job, it probably means you are young and haven’t fully developed that virtue called patience. Perhaps you have applied for a few jobs in mid-July, and by August 1st, when you haven’t heard anything, you become discouraged.

Try not to be. Keep applying and sending out your resume. Finding that first job might not turn into a marathon, but it’s rarely a 100-meter dash.

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