You have all the qualifications to be a forklift operator: You’re experienced, licensed, and have the latest certification. But you haven’t you been able to find a job or get a promotion at your current job. What gives?  Don’t those credentials count anymore?

Well, the answer is yes, they do count, but they might not be enough today. Increasingly, employers are looking past those hard skills that prove that you’re qualified and are focusing on the intangible soft skills that will make you a great employee.

Check out the following soft skills, and see if you don’t agree that they will set you apart from the field of qualified forklift drivers. If you do agree that they are necessary components for success, start developing them today.

Communication skills

Like most workers, forklift drivers must interact with co-workers, vendors, and even customers. Those who can articulate when speaking and can also listen attentively have a better chance of finding success as a forklift operator. Drivers must also be able to communicate effectively using email, telephones, and written notes.

Strong work ethic

Employers appreciate workers who get things done without constant monitoring. Workers who bring their best game to work every day prove their value to the company and are more likely to grow with the company and see future promotions. Employees who fail to see the importance of being a hard worker do so at peril to their careers.

Time management skills

Good forklift drivers multitask and set priorities for their tasks. It’s important to them (and to their company) that they hit all of their deadlines during a typical workday.


Forklift drivers don’t exist in a vacuum. They must be able to collaborate with their co-workers to achieve company goals. While most jobs require an employee to be a team player, it’s especially critical for the forklift operator who is responsible for moving parts and material quickly and efficiently.


Priorities change rapidly in the workplace, and a forklift driver must be able to adjust to these changes. They must be able to adapt to new technologies and methods. Being open to new ideas and innovations are crucial to success in the modern work environment. And drivers who have become too rigid in their thinking will lose much of their value.

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