If you’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a permanent job for what seems like an eternity, the thought of taking on a temporary job has no doubt crossed your mind. But you probably dismissed it quickly as being of no value. After all, the idea of accepting a job that will end shortly is hardly exciting to someone who has long-term plans and anticipates a bright future.

Well, you might want to re-think this. There are benefits to that temporary job you probably haven’t fully considered. If having a steady paycheck — even if it’s not permanent — isn’t enough to convince you to explore temporary work, check out some of these other benefits of using temp work to remove yourself from the rolls of the unemployed.

Pick up some good references

Even if your temporary employer can’t give you permanent employment when your time ends, you can always use them as a solid reference, provided you did good work for them and put all of your soft skills on display.

Expanding your contacts and making new connections can help you toward the right long-term position.

Anything beats unemployment

If you’ve been unemployed for several months, you might be starting to feel hopeless. A temporary job, even if it doesn’t run parallel to your chosen career path, will give structure to your life and alleviate those restless feelings of unemployment.

Also, a temp job can spice up your resume and prevent those employment gaps that will need to be explained to a hiring manager in the future.

Sometimes temporary becomes permanent

Not every temporary job comes to a complete end. If you display a superb work ethic and show that you fit into a company’s culture, you can make yourself indispensable and receive an offer for a permanent position.

Show your best side every day. Come in early, stay late, take on extra duties, and make your department better than it was before you arrived. In other words, act like you’re auditioning for a permanent job every day.

You can pick up new skills

Picking up additional skills while working as a temp can give your long-term plans a boost. Who knows, you might find that these new skills will propel you in a new direction. At the very least, they will expand your knowledge base, make you more valuable to prospective employers and open doors to industries you haven’t experienced before.

We can help you

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