Don’t make the same mistake that many candidates do during their interviews. When the hiring manager says, “Tell me about yourself,” they babble on and on in an attempt to cover every aspect of their lives, most of which have little bearing on whether they will be selected for the job.

Instead, craft a story that explains how you got interested in this work, what you did with it, and how you are the perfect fit for the open position. And then comes the most important part of the equation: practice and refine it until you can portray yourself as the ideal candidate.

Divide your story into three parts. Here’s how to make it work effectively:

  1. Why you became interested in this type of work

Perhaps your love for working with automobiles started when, as a child, you hung around your grandfather’s auto repair shop in Newmarket, handing him tools and keeping the garage floor spotless. While the story of helping your grandfather might sound trivial, these personal details can make an interviewer feel the origins of your passion for the automotive field. They are much more effective than merely saying something like “I’ve always been interested in cars.”

  1. How you channeled your passion into a career

Once you have explained how your interest began, you need to talk about your experiences in the field. What were your goals for each role? How did you reach them and what were your accomplishments along the way? If you have moved into roles with more responsibility, talk about those transitions as your career progressed.

Be sure to accent those accomplishments to help an interviewer understand that you are just what their company needs—a combination of skills, experience, and passion.

  1. How all of this ties into what this company needs

After you’ve painted the picture of the beginnings of your interest in the field and how you have used it in your career so far, it’s time to talk about why you are uniquely qualified for this job and how you can benefit the company.

Mention what caught your attention in the job posting. Again, tie in your original story and your experience and accomplishments to show that your strengths are a match for what the employer needs. If the company’s mission is in line with your values, mention that, too.

The important thing is that you provide specific examples of what drew you to apply for the job based on your background and how this all works together to address their needs.

End your talk with one sentence that sums up why you are what they need.

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