Sometimes, it can seem like you’re working as hard as you can but, despite your best efforts, the people around you seem to be getting ahead in their careers while yours stands still.

Of course, you should expect your supervisor will recommend you for a promotion if you’ve earned one. However, if you want to guarantee career growth, you have to take things into your own hands.

Ask your employer the following questions can help you take a more proactive approach in getting the career growth you’re looking for.

Ask “Should I apply?” when an opportunity opens up

It’s crucial to speak up when a job opens. If you’re curious about a position, say something and convey your interest. Don’t expect management to read your mind!

You likely have abilities and interests your supervisor isn’t aware of and wouldn’t know about them unless you say something. For instance, if you take computer classes in your spare time, they may help you with the complex systems that the promotion requires.

Ask “What opportunities are available for me here?”

Sometimes a co-worker gets promoted or someone gets hired for a job you didn’t know was available and, it’s one you would have applied for if you’d known about it.

You can make yourself available for these kinds of jobs by speaking up ahead of time. This doesn’t mean you have to saturate your supervisor with questions about other jobs at the company, but it does mean letting them, as well as HR, know you’re curious about various opportunities at the company.

In these conversations, mention what kind of work you’re interested in and ask your supervisor for projects that position yourself accordingly. For instance, if you would like manage people, ask your boss about leading small projects or change initiatives.

Ask “What skills do I need?”

Asking your manager or someone else higher up in the organization about the skills you need to get ahead is a great way to plan out your next career moves. You might find out that one little credential is all that stand in the way of making that next big leap on you career path. Or, you might discover that you were about to take a class or certification course that won’t do much for your career.

At HCR, we help ambitious professionals take charge of their career by providing them with best-fit career opportunities. If you are currently looking to take a more active approach to advancing your career, please contact us today.


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