Landing a machine operator job is no easy feat. The best positions are highly competitive, with numerous candidates throwing their hats in the ring. If you want to secure your dream job, you need to find ways of standing out from the crowd. Here are some of HCR’s tips for writing a machine operator resume that gets noticed and gets you the job.


 If you want to land the machine operator position with the best salary and benefits, it’s crucial to share your past experience in a way that makes hiring managers take notice. For best results, frame your past positions in a way that highlights on-the-job achievements. For example, did you manage a team of employees? Revamp procedures to expedite production? Show companies what you’ve done in the past so they know what you can do for them in the future. 


Education is everything in the working world, so show your potential bosses you have the knowledge and learning capacity needed to succeed. Even though a job may require only a high school diploma or two-year tech degree, you can differentiate yourself from the pack by mentioning that on-site equipment safety program you attended. The goal is to show you have a solid understanding of the concepts and practices needed in your field of choice, be it machine operation or something else entirely.


Required skills for a machine operator position might vary from one company to the next, but there are some commonly requested abilities. These include solid math skills, an understanding of AutoCAD, hand dexterity, and the ability to stand or walk for long periods. Additionally, many companies prize candidates with a knowledge of safe shop procedures. Dedicate a section of your resume to listing these skills and briefly explain how they came in handy at your last job.

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