Most of us grow up believing it’s wrong to brag. Boasting about our accomplishments and abilities only makes us seem tacky, right? On the contrary, showcasing your skills in a job interview is a crucial part of besting the competition and landing the position you desire. Read on to learn how to present yourself to hiring managers without sounding arrogant or conceited.

Dress to Impress

Showcasing your skills starts before you even open you mouth. If you want to make the right impression on hiring managers – and land the position – it pays to look the part. Start by wearing clothes that are a cut above what the rest of the employees are donning. Additionally, you should be well groomed, avoid ostentatious accessories or make up, and take care to look everyone you meet in the eye. You’ll convey confidence and competence without saying a word.

Introduce Yourself

You’ve probably heard the concept of an elevator pitch: that 30-second introduction that can be delivered during the length of an elevator ride. However, you might not realize that these types of introductions are equally important in a job interview. Take the time to prep a short but effective pitch that conveys your skills and abilities. The goal is to show potential employers why they’d be foolish not to hire you.

Focus on the Numbers

It’s not enough to say you have strong leadership skills or a great ability to deal with customers on the phone. If you want to impress hiring managers, you need to back up your claims with numbers. For example, you could say you landed three new major clients for your last company within a month of employment. Or maybe you reduced customer service complaints by 50%. Be specific and exact for the best results.

Find Your Next Job Opportunity

If your current job isn’t living up to expectation – or paying the bills – it might be time to move on. A leader in Toronto staffing, HCR is passionate about helping you find your dream position without the stress. To get started, browse our jobs database online or skip the search and send us your resume today. We’ll send you a list of jobs best suited to your qualifications.


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