Your work environment can be a pleasant place where employees interact with one another in positive ways. Or it can be a warzone full of hostility and efforts to undercut fellow workers in hopes of getting ahead. If you want to create a more positive atmosphere, and improve your life in turn, check out HCR’s tips for having a better attitude during the workday.

Be Generous With Compliments

When was the last time a co-worker said something nice about your work? If you aren’t hearing positive feedback in the workplace, it might be because you aren’t offering compliments of your own. Make an effort to be friendly and sincere, and you can count on your co-workers returning the favor.

Change Your Language

These days, a majority of work communication occurs via email. While this option may be more efficient, it’s also problematic because of the difficulty of conveying tone. As a result, your co-workers may think you’re being curt when in actuality you’re simply being efficient. If you want to make your workplace a better environment, try to have some of your conversations in person, where your enthusiasm and happiness can easily shine through your words.

Take a Break

It’s hard to bring positivity to the office if you’re feeling down yourself. Beat a bad mood by taking a short break to go for a walk, do a crossword, check Facebook, or grab a coffee at your local café. You can also hit the gym to work out some of your frustration on the treadmill or spin bike. The goal is to return to the workplace with a smile on your face.

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