It’s no secret that resumes are crucial documents for job seekers. After all, this one sheet of paper lets hiring managers view your work history and accomplishments at a glance. Because many companies decide whether or not to invite you for an interview-based solely on your resume, it’s only logical to make sure this piece of paper is designed to catch the eye. Keep reading for eight tips on designing a better resume, courtesy of HCR Personnel.

Prioritize Your Skills

When it comes to ordering skills on a resume, it’s important to remember to give the right ones the top slot. For example, workers applying for industrial positions should list their technical abilities front and center. Similarly, aspiring project managers should focus on leadership.

Proofread for Errors

It doesn’t matter how well designed your resume is if it’s full of errors. For best results, print out this all-important document and then read it aloud slowly to find mistakes.

Ditch the Objective Statement

For employees in the industrial and manufacturing fields, objective statements might not make the best impression. Replace this portion of your resume with a summary section that conveys your job history and achievements to date. 

Highlight Contact Info

You don’t want hiring managers to have to work to find your phone number or email address. When redesigning your resume, think about bolding this info or increasing the font size.

Utilize Design Elements

A few carefully selected organizational elements, like boxes, charts, or icons, can help a resume stand out from the pack while making it easier to read and understand.

Create a Color Scheme

A simple, clean color scheme helps set the mood for your resume. For best results, strive to match your scheme to the type of job to which you’re applying.

Get Mobile Friendly

Many busy hiring managers opt to review resumes on their phones. Make this job easier for them by creating resumes and cover letters that are mobile-friendly.

Be Consistent

An inconsistent resume looks sloppy and poorly conceived. Check your resume to ensure that’s fonts, colors, and text sizes are the same throughout.

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