Despite the fact that staffing agencies are extremely popular, many individuals are confused about what it means to work with them. They might think staffing agencies aren’t for people in their line of work or that you need to have a certain amount of experience to qualify for job search help. In business for more than two decades, HCR Personnel Solutions is passionate about clearing up staffing firm myths and helping people get hired. Read on for some of the biggest mistaken ideas people have about staffing companies.

Staffing Firms Are for Temp Positions

Staffing companies don’t just connect job candidates with temporary work. On the contrary, the best agencies also provide access to direct-hire and permanent jobs in a range of industries. Moreover, many companies rely on staffing firms to evaluate talent, conducting screenings and evaluations to ensure their workers are up to the task. The end result is that when a firm recommends a candidate, companies are likely to listen.

It Costs Money to Use a Staffing Firm

When asked why they don’t work with staffing agencies, job candidates sometimes say that they can’t afford it. However, it is the companies, not candidates, who pay recruiters for their services. If you’re having trouble finding your dream job, think about contacting your local staffing firm for access to the best and most lucrative positions in your field.

Staffing Agencies Only Find One Kind of Job

Think that staffing agencies are only good for one kind of worker? In actuality, these firms service a wide range of employees in multiple sectors including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, office administration, and clerical work. Moreover, these companies can help workers looking to acquire new skills and transition from one field to another.

Let HCR Personnel Solutions Find You a New Job!

Whether you’re looking for a temporary position or something more long term, you can trust the team at HCR to find you a job that will make you feel happy to go to work every day. For more information on how we can help you achieve your professional goals, contact us today!


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