National Safety Month presents a golden opportunity, especially for auto shops. By devoting time and energy to improve workplace safety, auto shop employees can lower their risk of accidents.  

If you work in an auto shop, your work environment may be dangerous. Yet, with the right approach to workplace safety, you can minimize your risk of endangering yourself and others while you work.  

Now, let’s look at five ways you can avoid auto shop accidents: 

1. Maintaina Clean, Organized Work Area 

A cluttered work area can make it tough to find the tools you need to perform auto repairs. Plus, tools scattered around your work area can create trip and fall hazards that increase the risk of auto shop accidents.  

Make it a priority to develop and maintain a clean, organized work area. Ensure every tool has a place where it can be safely stored. In addition, clean up spills and tidy up your work area regularly.   

2. Wear Protective Gear 

Goggles, gloves, and ear protection are must-haves in an auto shop. Because, without the proper protection, you risk eye, hand, and ear injuries, among other auto shop accidents.  

Complete auto repairs only if you are wearing the proper protective equipment. If any of this equipment is damaged, replace it immediately.  

3. Ensure There Is Fast,Easy Access to Fire Extinguishers  

If a fire happens in an auto shop, you need to act quickly to put it out. If you have fire extinguishers at specific locations across your shop, you are well-equipped to extinguish a fire before it gets out of hand.  

Keep fire extinguishers at regular locations throughout your auto shop. You should also show employees where to find your shop’s fire extinguishers and ensure each worker knows how to use a fire extinguisher.  

4. Keep Handsand ToolsAway from a Running Car Engine  

You may try to evaluate a car while it is running, particularly if there are concerns about the vehicle’s engine. But, under no circumstances should you put your hands on an engine while it is running.  

A car engine consists of various moving parts that can cause serious injuries. Thus, you should always keep your hands and tools away from the engine until it is completely turned off.  

5. Take the Key Out ofthe Car Ignition 

The key in a car’s ignition can draw an electrical charge from the vehicle’s battery. As such, a car key should always be taken out of the ignition while vehicle work is being performed.  

You should never unplug car fuses and wiring harnesses while the key is in the on position, too. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of experiencing an electrical shock. 

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