The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed the way businesses host job interviews. Now, companies are increasingly using remote interviews to meet with job candidates. Yet, it can be tough for candidates to get a feel for company culture during a virtual interview.

You may only get one chance to make a positive first impression during a remote interview. Meanwhile, you also need to use the opportunity to learn how a company engages with top talent. From here, you can determine if you’re a cultural fit for the business.

Ultimately, how you approach a virtual interview can impact your ability to assess company culture. Candidates who know how to plan ahead for a remote interview are well-equipped to learn about a business’s culture. And, they can gain the insights they need to find out if they complement a company’s culture.

Tips to Help You Get a Feel for Company Culture During a Remote Interview

Here are three tips to help you get a feel for company culture during a remote interview.

1. Conduct Research

Research is a must if you want to prepare for a job interview. In terms of evaluating company culture, however, you need to take your research to the next level.

To learn about a business’ culture, assess its website, blogs, and social media. This can give you a good idea about how a company engages with its employees and customers.

Furthermore, put together a list of questions regarding a company’s culture. Next, share these questions with your interviewer. As a result, you can get information to help you assess your cultural fit with a business.

2. Get in Touch with Current and Former Employees

Don’t hesitate to reach out to current and former employees about a company’s culture. These employees can give you firsthand insights into what it is like to work with a business.

You can find current and former employees on LinkedIn. Or, if you know someone who is working with or has worked with a company, you can get in touch with him or her. Then, you can receive insights into a company’s culture that you may struggle to obtain elsewhere.

3. Evaluate the Interview and Hiring Processes

Consider how an interviewer responds to your questions about their business culture during your virtual meeting. Ideally, your interviewer should embrace your questions and have no trouble answering them. That way, you can see that the business is upfront and honest with job candidates about its culture.

Assess a company’s hiring process, too. For instance, if a company’s hiring process is disorganized and not transparent, the business’ culture may be poor. At this time, you may want to move forward with other job opportunities and find one where you’re a perfect fit for the company’s culture.

Worried About Finding a Job Where You’re a Cultural Fit? HCR Can Help You Assess Company Culture

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