Let’s face it: The job search can be long, frustrating, and downright exhausting at times. It’s easy to let negative thoughts and feelings creep in and overwhelm you, especially if your search drags on for months. But that’s not going to get you anywhere. So, how can you remain positive during your job search? 

Remember: It’s not personal.

It’s easy to take it personally when you get a rejection from a hiring manager, or – even worse in some ways – fail to hear back from a company at all. But it’s important that you remember it isn’t personal. When it comes to the job search, everything is subjective to some degree. It all depends on who was looking at your application, what kind of skills they were looking for, and the exact decision that they made in that moment. It’s not a reflection on your character or you as a person at all. You’re still a worthy candidate; you just weren’t the fit for that role.  

Stay busy.

Languishing doesn’t make most people feel better when they’re already feeling disappointed. It’s always wise to stay busy during your job search, both when you’re applying to jobs and when you’re not. Stay physically active – you’ll be amazed how much a simple walk or a workout at the gym helps you feel better. Get other things accomplished when you’re not applying for jobs; cook your own meals, do some cleaning, help out a family member with a project.  

Remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Think back on all the things you’ve accomplished throughout your career thus far. Remind yourself that you’re successful and talented, and that you will make a great fit for the right company. You just need to find each other, and that’s why you’ll keep trying until you find that perfect role.  

Remember the “why.”

Ask yourself why you want to find a great job in the first place. There can be many reasons: You want to make more money in order to provide for your family or buy a home; you want to start saving for retirement; you want to have expendable income to donate to charity. Thinking about the “why” behind your job search can keep you properly motivated through the tough times.  

Want Help on Your Job Hunt? 

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