When you’re struggling to find a job, it can be easy to think that you’re just unlucky. But more than likely, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Here’s what to do when you’re having trouble landing a job:  

Tailor Your Resume

Do you tailor your resume to each job application that you submit? If not, you should start. Submitting a generic resume to every job listing doesn’t put you near the top of the pile. But tailoring your experience descriptions and skills to the job you’re applying for makes a big difference, especially if you can include key phrases from the job posting itself into your resume. That will help the algorithms push your application to the front of the line, getting your resume in front of more eyeballs.  

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Have you been getting a lot of interviews, only to get passed up for the jobs themselves? This could be because you’re not a strong interviewer. It might be time to brush up on your interview skills to make sure you’re making a great first impression once you get that call. Practice your interviewing skills at home, research common interview questions that you’re likely to be asked, and rehearse your answers in front of a mirror at home. Pay attention to your body language and tone to make sure you’re coming across the way you’d like to.  

Update Your Cover Letter

Just as your resume should be tailored to the applications you’re submitting, you’ll want to make sure your cover letter is adjusted to speak specifically to the position you’re applying for. And the purpose of a cover letter isn’t to list your skills, education, and experience – that’s what your resume is for. Make sure the cover letter gets across why you’re the right person for the job; use data to back up your accomplishments and be specific about why you should be the person they choose to interview.  

Consider Complementary Industries

Have you ever thought of applying for jobs in related industries? It can be a good way to build on your experience while opening yourself up to more opportunities. Think about adjacent industries to your core field and consider what jobs you might be qualified for. Often, employers are looking for candidates with a broad range of experience – you don’t have to fit into a perfect box to be a compelling candidate. 

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