Canada needs all the workers it can get. More Canadians are retiring, outnumbering the volume of workers entering the workforce. The government just released its new immigration quotas for next year and the country expects to welcome more immigrants in the future to help cover all of the jobs that our growing economy offers. If you are reentering the Canadian workforce in 2023, there are plenty of potential opportunities to consider. One of them is taking a temporary job. 

How Can Temp Jobs Help You Return to Work?

It’s hard for anyone reentering the workforce. But temporary jobs in Ontario are a great way to get back to work gradually. It doesn’t matter if you took time off to go to school or to take care of a loved one, the post-COVID work world has changed, so the transition from no work to full-time work could be jarring. It would be best if you had an option that allows you to transition back to working gradually and temp agencies in Toronto are standing by to help you do it. 

Temporary jobs in Ontario are the new norm. These positions allow you to slowly reenter the workforce as you reacclimate to the new work world. Temp jobs help you acclimate to new environments and teams all while building your resume after an absence from work. Temporary jobs also let you enter a new field to gain more experience. You’ll increase your job skills and build your networking pipeline, too.  

How to Reenter the Workforce After Taking Time Off

Reentering the workforce is easier if you select a temporary job in Ontario. Many employers use temp agencies in Toronto to supplement their existing workforce for seasonal employment or to scale up when production is high. If you are reentering the workforce, this gives you a chance to try out a job on a limited basis to see if you like it or if you really are ready to return to work.  

If this is a step you think you’re ready to take, there are three things you must do to get ready for a temp job. 

#1 Refresh Your Resume

Start with a resume refresh. You can use your cover letter to explain the gap in your work history so a hiring manager can understand where you’re coming from. Also, if you’ve learned new skills during your break, add them to your CV. Try to tailor your resume toward the job you’re seeking by using keywords. Keywords are just what it sounds like—relevant words unique to that particular job description. You use keywords every day when you do a Google search. Use those same keywords in your resume to make the document more searchable in a database. Try to limit the resume to two pages and make your entries concise and interesting from the perspective of who you think might read the document. 

#2 Expand Your Network

LinkedIn is an obvious choice for business networking. But you can also join professional associations, attend networking events, or even go to industry-related conferences if you’re ready to get back in the swing of things. Make sure you have a professional profile and an updated list of work experiences before you hit the “open to work” button. Take time to polish your professional network and identify anyone you believe is working at a company you may be interested in. Then reach out to them and forward a copy of your latest resume to see if they have any good job leads to send your way. You can also get ready for a temporary job hunt in Ontario by reaching out to your career network to let them know you’re back and willing to work. 

#3 Work with a Recruiter

A good recruiter is invaluable to your efforts to land a new job. If you’re reentering the workforce, working with a recruiter is the best way to open the door to new opportunities. Recruiters work on your behalf for free because the employers (their clients) pay their fees. So, you can benefit from all the things a recruiter can do for you: 

  • Review your resume and share tips on how to make it more palatable to employers. 
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and help you clean it up. 
  • Take your updated resume to potential employers and share why you are reentering the workforce and why the recruiter thinks you are a great potential hire. 
  • Open the door to companies you’ve been trying to get into. 
  • Help prep you for the interview. 
  • Share behind-the-scenes insight into the company culture.  
  • Give you feedback on what employers thought of you. 
  • Help you negotiate a better wage. 
  • And more. 

If you are reentering the workforce, having a recruiter in your corner is absolutely necessary. Recruiters can do so much for your career, and they do all this on your behalf for free. If you’re seeking temporary jobs in Ontario, the recruiter can represent you even after a temp job is over. This eliminates the time and energy you would have spent looking for work.  

Benefits of Reentering the Workforce with Temp Work

There are so many benefits when working with temp agencies in Toronto, particularly if you are reentering the workforce after an absence. More than two million temp workers contribute to the Canadian economy each year. In the last 20 years, the number of temporary jobs in Ontario and across the country increased by 50%. Temp work is lucrative, often paying higher wages than full-time employment. Plus, temporary employment offers several benefits over traditional work arrangements, including: 

  • Landing jobs more quickly by using temp agencies in Toronto. 
  • Trying out a new career option without fully committing yourself. 
  • Transitioning from temp to permanent if the job is a good fit. 

#1 Get Hired Faster Using a Temp Agency

Reentering the workforce? If you’ve been sending out resumes, you know it can be like dropping a rock down a well. You may not hear back from the company and may wonder what happened. A temp agency can get you hired faster and help you land the right job that fits your skills, financial and scheduling requirements. If you’ve been sending out resumes, you know it can be like dropping a rock down a well. You may or may not hear back from the company and may wonder what happened. A recruiter from a Toronto temp agency already has the jobs—they just need to fill them. This can speed up the hiring process for a faster hire.

Reentering the workforce? A temp agency can get you hired faster and help you land the right job that fits your skills and financial and scheduling requirements.

#2 Try a New Career with a Temp Job

A temp job is ideal for a career pivot. This could come naturally after you’ve been out of the work world for a while. Trying a new career via a temp position allows you to experience different types of jobs in a short time frame. This is great both if you are reentering the workforce or are a new graduate seeking to add experiences to your resume. These new career experiences will stretch your skills while exposing you to new cultures. Through this process, you can also build your network as you meet new people from different work environments. All of this makes for a win/win for your recruiter and the company they’re hiring for as well as for yourself. 

#3 Temporary Jobs Can Lead to Permanent Positions

Temporary jobs in Ontario allow you the luxury of trying it before you buy it. By this, we mean that the benefits of a temp job are that it allows you to experience what the job is actually like before being considered for a full-time position. Not every temporary job in Ontario is designed to become full-time, but many are. This gives you an opportunity to get your foot in the door without the risk associated with taking a full-time job right after reentering the workforce.  

What often happens behind the scenes when you take a temp job is that the hiring manager uses your great work to illustrate the need for full-time workers. Temp workers can get hired from these initiatives. Or, the company has a “secret budget” waiting in the wings for temp workers interested in going full-time. Companies know that they also take on risks when hiring new employees. So, the benefit of hiring temp employees cuts both ways. You benefit from trying out the job before committing—but so does the employer.  

Reenter the Workforce in Toronto with HCR

HCR Personnel Solutions, Inc. offers Canadians reentering the workforce with full and temporary jobs in Ontario. Our firm works closely with you and our corporate clients to help you find the right fit.

As a leading temp agency in Toronto, we’ve spent years building relationships with some of the top companies in the region. Our recruiters help Canadians reentering the workforce by providing them with the kind of meaningful work that fits their financial, scheduling, and work-related goals. If you haven’t spoken to an HCR recruiter, there’s no time like the present. Contact us today and let us help you get back to work on your terms.

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