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In today’s job market, skilled trades are more valuable and in-demand than ever. Skilled trades often provide workers with stable and rewarding employment for the entirety of their careers. Learn more about why you should consider a job in a skilled trade. What is a skilled trade? A skilled trade is a hands-on job where… Read more »

You’ve received that much-anticipated call: the invitation to a job interview. It’s not an offer, but at least you’ve been given the opportunity to state your case for that open position. You’re ecstatic – and rightfully so. But now you’re in the company’s lobby on the day of the interview, and those good feelings have… Read more »

According to a survey published a few years ago in Canadian Living, Toronto is among the happiest cities in Canada. That may be true, but does that mean you are happy at your job? Not necessarily. People throughout the area — some unhappy at work, others fairly content — are contemplating changing jobs for any… Read more »

You’ve been at your job a while now. Although your boss treats you fine, you’re not connected with your co-workers and you’re feeling stale. You’re not exactly miserable, but you can’t shake the nagging feeling that you need a change of scenery. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear that you need to move on; other times, it’s… Read more »

It’s unavoidable. At some point in your career, you will find yourself in the uncomfortable position of being alone with your boss. There’s no warning. It just happens. And now you have to make a choice: Either stand there in silence (How awkward is that?) or say something. Actually, you have no choice. You need… Read more »

Finding a job is challenging under any circumstances. But it can be especially tricky if you’re a first-time job seeker. You don’t know how to look, where to look, or what to expect. You haven’t had time to develop the necessary connections to aid you in your search, so you feel alone and overwhelmed. Here… Read more »

We all make first impressions in person, but we seldom take the time to think about the impressions we make on others online. Knowing what people find when they search for you on Google is critical for many reasons. First, if you’re looking for a job, your Google presence can directly impact your chances of… Read more »

Sometimes we’re so focused on our physical health that we forget about the importance of mental health, especially in the workplace. Poor mental health, often the result of a lack of work-life balance, can have a negative effect on our work performance and overall well-being. As work environments become increasingly fast-paced, it’s now more important… Read more »

No matter your age or work experience, job interviews can undoubtedly be a source of stress. Having to sell yourself to someone you’ve never met before is nerve-racking, leaving you physically and mentally drained before you even go on the interview. As your nerves set in, it’s important to effectively take control of interview stress… Read more »

Recruiters and hiring managers are very busy people. They have to scan resumes, interview candidates and make fast decisions about who they should recommend for a vacant position. They are looking for certain assets right from the beginning. That includes enthusiasm, industry knowledge, conversation skills, punctuality and appearance. They don’t have any time to waste…. Read more »