Starting a new job can sometimes feel like your first day at school. You may not know what to expect and feel nervous about what others may think of you. And though your first week at work can be nerve racking, getting yourself in the right mindset is half the battle. Here are some key tips to help you acclimate to your new job and get used to your new work environment and teammates.

Think positive.

When you exude positive energy, positive things are more likely to happen to you. In fact, research shows that when we expect good things to happen, the brain receives a dopamine release, allowing us to maintain a better mental state. When you project a positive vision for yourself, you’ll actually shape your own reality and attract positive energy from others around you. By thinking positive during your first week of work, you’ll alleviate your own anxieties and nervousness.

Be a team player.

While you may feel like the odd one out at first, try to immerse yourself with the team as much as possible. Ask your new teammates if you can join them for lunch and offer to assist on projects wherever possible. Making an effort to extend yourself to the team, especially during your first week on the job, will show your colleagues that you want to get to know them and be part of the crew. 

Ask questions about your role.

Though you may already have a good idea about the nature of your job, understanding how your role functions within the context of the entire organization is important. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can contribute to various departments and who you’ll be working with on a regular basis. As you learn more about your teammates, you’ll feel more comfortable taking on responsibilities as your job progresses.

The first week of any new job can have its challenges; however, following the tips above will help you adjust easier. Most importantly, be open minded and remember that every new career transition takes time!

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