Do you know someone who claims to be happy at their job? Are you happy? If you or many of the people you know are dissatisfied at work, you have lots of company. Statistics show that more than a quarter of the workers in Canada are not fully satisfied with their jobs. That statistic may sound pretty awful, but consider this: More than half the workers in your neighboring country to the south claim they are not happy at work.

So why are so many Canadians and Americans unhappy at work? After all, you spend upwards of 2000 hours every year there. And being unhappy can affect your productivity and your health. You may be stuck at a job that’s less than fulfilling, but you don’t have to be unhappy. Here are a few tips for making those 8-hour shifts go much more smoothly:

Find meaning in your work

No matter what you do, your work is somehow impacting others. Workers who understand that what they do is meaningful are happier and more productive. And you don’t have to be curing cancer to have a meaningful experience. Just finding a way to help out a co-worker can do it.

Make friends at work

Work can be fun when you have close friends on the job. Employees who have friends at work see their job as enjoyable, worthwhile, and satisfying. Friends at work can also be a support system, provide comradery, and instill a sense of loyalty.

Smile a lot

The act of smiling activates neural messages to your brain that tell it to be happy. Your smile is also contagious, so when you smile, it causes your co-workers to smile. Soon you will have infected everyone around you with happiness!

Don’t bring personal problems to work

A tumultuous personal life is not easy to leave behind when you go to work. But the emotions that go with it can easily wreck your workday and exhaust you. If you can manage it, tend to your personal matters before you head to work. Otherwise, your problems could hijack your entire day.

Have goals

Keep your plans and goals in the forefront. They will lead you to better decisions and increase your job satisfaction. If you know that what you’re doing fits into your long-term goals, you will be happier. But it’s only possible if you take the time to set them and keep them in the front of your mind.

Be polite

Experiments have shown that when people receive a “thank you” it gives them an increased sense of self-worth. That inspires other positive and helpful behaviors in those people and everyone around them.

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