Landing a great forklift operator job is about more than having the right work experience or training. If you want to land a great position, you need to create a resume that separates you from the competition. Here are three skills to include on your forklift operator resume, along with why they’re important in the eyes of hiring managers.

    1. Forklift Operation

Forklift operators need to know how to drive forklifts and use them to move products from place to place. However, all forklifts aren’t created equal. To show employers you have the skills for the job, stress that you can use a wide array of machines, including reach forklifts, counterbalance forklifts, wheel counterbalance forklifts, and even hand pallet trucks.

    1. Safety

Of course, knowing how to operate a lift is only half the battle. You also need the training and experience to do so in a manner that’s safe for you and your fellow employees. After all, forklifts transport heavy loads, and one wrong move could result in destruction of property, on-the-job injuries, or even fatalities. The best forklift job candidates show they have gone through extensive training and have the confidence to do their job effectively.

    1. Trustworthiness

As a forklift operator, you represent an essential part of the supply chain. Without your hard work, companies may be unable to deliver products to customers correctly or on time. If you want to boost your odds of landing a forklift operator job, trustworthiness is a key skill. Show you’ve been responsible and reliable in other positions to prove you’ll do the same if hired for this role.

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