Job seekers may be hesitant to take on temporary roles. After all, if you’re out of work, you’re likely looking for a full-time opportunity and the security that comes with it. While the inherent impermanence of temp work can be stressful, the truth is that these positions offer numerous benefits, including the opportunity to pay the bills without resorting to driving for Uber.

Here are some of the top reasons to try out a temporary position:

Develop Relationships With Recruiters

Applying for a temp position enables you to meet and form relationships with local recruiters. Once you’re on a staffing company’s radar, they are more likely to recommend you for other openings and opportunities. If you do find a position that appeals to you, the recruiter can send your application directly to the company, thereby increasing the likelihood of your resume getting into the right hands. After all, hiring managers are more likely to consider candidates who have a staffing company’s seal of approval.

Leave Jobs That Don’t Meet Your Needs

One of the best reasons to consider temp work is that it lets you try out different jobs without making a full-time commitment. If you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing, the odds are good that you’ll have the opportunity to move to another position quickly. And of course, you can feel free to pass on jobs and organizations that don’t meet your needs and goals for the future. Because recruiters are constantly learning about new positions, it likely won’t be long until you hear about another opportunity.

Make Valuable Connections

Just about every job comes with the opportunity to network and make connections. However, candidates who take on temp assignments have the opportunity to meet a large number of people in a short period. As a result, temp workers tend to wind up with a broader range of connections than full-time employees. Because these individuals can speak to your strengths and abilities, they may even feel comfortable recommending you for full-time positions at their companies down the line.

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