You want more responsibilities at work. Yet, you have no idea how to ask your manager for the opportunity to tackle more work than ever before.

Ultimately, it can be daunting to approach your manager and request more responsibilities at work. However, doing so can benefit you now and in the future.

In the short term, asking for additional responsibilities shows your manager you care about your job. You want to do your best at work and do everything in your power to help your employer. As such, you are ready to ask for more responsibilities, so you can help your employer thrive.

Meanwhile, asking for additional responsibilities can help you advance your career. You can learn new skills and become a vital contributor to your organization. This can make you an indispensable member of your team.

How to Ask for More Responsibilities at Work

There are several things you can do to bring up the topic of asking for more responsibilities at work with your manager. These include:

1. Make Sure the Timing Is Right

Find the right time to discuss the opportunity to take on more work responsibilities. For example, you can bring up the topic during a performance review meeting with your manager. Conversely, you may want to avoid discussing the topic if your organization is in the middle of a busy season.

When you meet to discuss taking on additional responsibilities, set aside a sufficient amount of time to do so, you should give yourself enough time to share your point of view and why you’re ready to assume more responsibilities. Also, your manager should have adequate time to share their thoughts and feedback.

2. Align Your Request with Your Organisation’s Priorities

Review your organization’s mission, values, and goals. Next, you can use your request for additional responsibilities to highlight how fulfilling your request can help your organization improve its operations.

Your request should also be simple and straightforward. This gives your manager a clear understanding of why it’s in their organization’s best interest to provide you with additional responsibilities.

3. Build Your Skill Set

Capitalize on any opportunities that become available to improve your skill set. For instance, your employer may offer a training program to all employees interested in a particular topic. You can sign up for this program to learn new skills or enhance your existing ones.

Lastly, be patient as you look for ways to take on additional responsibilities. You can follow up with your manager regularly to ask for opportunities to support your organization. Over time, your patience will pay off, and you can find new ways to help your organization accomplish its goals.

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