You want a job reference who has no trouble explaining why you’re a great candidate to join the company of your choice. To identify the best reference, you need to consider your options carefully.

A job reference can make or break your employment candidacy. As such, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a reference before you make your selection. That way, you can choose a reference who can show a prospective employer why you deserve to join their business.

Here are three tips to help you choose the right person as a job reference.

1. Use Your Professional Network

Reach out to past work colleagues, superiors, and other members of your professional network. These individuals can explain how you contributed to various work projects. They can give a potential employer a glimpse into what you can offer.

Furthermore, verify members of your professional network are easy to reach as job references. If a potential employer cannot connect with a reference, this can hurt your credibility. Conversely, if a reference knows a prospective employer may reach out regarding your candidacy, this individual can remain accessible. The result: your reference and a potential employer can seamlessly connect with one another.

2. Utilise a Job Reference That Aligns with the Role You Want to Land

Submit a job reference who can provide insights into how you can perform in a specific role. This reference can offer relevant details about your work experience or skills in relation to the job you want to secure.

Also, discuss the role you want to land with your reference. Next, your reference can share information about how your experience and skills align with this position.

3. Keep Your Professional References List Up to Date

Update your professional references list periodically. This ensures you can provide a potential employer with references who can speak to your current skills and experience.

In addition, keep in contact with your references. Even if you ultimately miss out on a job, your references can support you throughout your career. In the years to come, they can continue to help you land your ideal job.

The Bottom Line on How to Choose the Right Job Reference

There is no formula to select the optimal job reference. Rather, it pays to evaluate potential references and reach out to them. From here, you can fine-tune your list of references. And you can continue to update this list over time.

Remember to support your references in any way you can, too. Your references are doing their part to help you further your career. If you can do the same for them, you should take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

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